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You can vote for your favourate dance professionals and all the Contest entries you like. You can vote only once for each entry but you can vote for as many entries you like.

The fastest way to get your ticket is to find your order confirmation email. You can also check your Dancero account in the website or app. If you still can't find your ticket, contact the event organizer and ask them to  resend your tickets.

Search for an email from info@dancero.net

Your tickets are available there along with the QR codes.

Dancero is an online, self-service tool. This means that organizers handle all aspects of their events. If you have event-specific questions or want to request a refund, contact the event organizer directly. You can do this by replying to your order confirmation email, referencing your order details, or sending them a message from the event listing where you originally registered. 

Refund is subject to the event organizeds. They can decide until when a ticket is possible to be refunded (How many days before the event starts). If it is still possible to refund the tickets then you can do so when you go to the tickets details page and click cancel under the three dot menu.

Yes you can use dancero for online (live-stream) classes by choosing the type of event to be online class. You can operate your online class via zoom platfrom and sell the tickets through dancero. Just rememeber to send all your attendees the zoom link or code via dancero broadcast messaging function from the event page.

Note: Dancero does not support pre-recorded classes. By online classes we only mean Live-stream class. Students can book tickets to attend these live-stream classes that would be operated outside dancero.

You can send a broadcast message to all your event attendees from the event details page itself. Just click on the message icon and type your message and click send. You can also print the attendees list which would include the attendees emails and you contact them through email.

You can claim your money to be released from your wallet to your bank account anytime after two weeks of the event completion date, if there are no disputes from the customers.

Professionals are those who have a career related to dance and music. Instructors, teachers, DJs, event promoters and organizers, disco or school owners, singers etc.

literally any one who participate in the dance inductry is a dance professional.

All professional accounts are subject to background check to make sure that they are authentic and real.

You can post anything related to dance or the word of dance, from news to blog to photos and videos. You can also mention information about your events and the challenges you participate in.

Challenges are won by the participat who gets the highest votes. It's a very good idea to post in your social media accounts asking your students and fans to vote for you in dancero.

Participating in challenges does not only give you the opportunity to win great cash rewards, but also will make you more famous and popluar world wide whic will make your both online classes and offline classes more likely to be sold out in no time and to have a higher rank in international events.

Dancero Takes only 10% of the ticket price. It is still a great deal for you as posting in dancero, will increase the number of your customers and tickets sales.

You can upload your video in the challenges. 

You can delete a ticket if there are no sales associated with it. To get started, go to your Edit page and find the ticket you want to delete (under Step 2: Create Tickets). Click the trash icon to delete the ticket and be sure to save your changes.

If your event occurs more than once (like a class or party), you can schedule additional date in the "Schedule" tab. Event details and ticket types are the same for all occurrences, and attendees select a date before choosing their tickets. To get started, click "Create Event" and scroll to "Date and time" (under Basic Info). Then select "Recurring Events".

You can't set more than one location for your event. Instead, create a ticket type for each event option (date, location, and time combination). Then hide the start/end date of the overall event to make sure the correct date shows on printed tickets.

You can get an event up and running on Dancero, for free, in a few steps. Sign up or log in to your Dancero account. Then click "Create Event".

This is the majority experience for event creators using Dancero to manage events. There are 3 main steps to create your event: 1: Event Details, 2: Create Tickets, and 3: Additional Settings. All other settings are managed on your event's Design and Manage pages.